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5S Shadow Board & Cleaning Station Solutions

Create a clear visual place for tools and supplies to be put away with 5S Shadow Boards and Cleaning Stations. With clear organization of tools and products, you’ll be able to  eliminate questions and assist in the organization and cleanliness of every workspace.

Increase Communication With 5S Information Boards

5S Information Boards can be built and customized to your companies needs, moved to where they’re needed or stored in a designated area. Keep jobs, projects, departments, and teams on track by organizing all of the important information in a quick and easy to use visual manor. Keeping information visible for employees and management increases communication, plus adding color codes for departments, teams, or projects helps keep everything organized.

Flex Craft SQDC Board

Safety, Quality, Delivery & Cost (SQDC) Board

Convey how your process is performing against SQDC metrics. Track your near misses, safety violations, missed work due to injuries, unsafe work practices observed, and safety glasses violations.

Flex Craft 5S Pivoting Information Board

Pivoting Informational Boards

Combine multiple information boards for quick end-of-day meetings that cover all the aspects of a project or projects. Panels are hinged so they can be viewed individually, but are on the same rack which saves time and space.

Flex Craft Dry Erase White Board Stand

Dry Erase Whiteboard Stand

Get visual with your team in the office, conference room, or production floor by utilizing the whiteboard space to document your team’s ideas in real time.

Flex Craft A-Frame Work-In-Progress (WIP) Board

A-Frame Work-In-Progress (WIP) Board

Transform a whiteboard stand into a Work-In-Progress (WIP) identifier. Make projects or reports more visible to employees and management to increase communication.

Flex Craft Kan Ban Job Board

Kan Ban Job Board

For better organization, color code jobs by department that need to be completed this week or on a set day.

Flex Craft 5S Board - Paper Holder

General Project / Job Information Board

Organize and highlight the jobs for the day or week in an easy to use information board with pocket shelves.

Large Flex Craft Panel White Board

Large Panel Information Board

Keeping information visible for employees and management is key to proper communication.

Visual direction stand made with Flex Craft products.

General Information / Direction Board

Eliminate confusion for new employees or plant visitors by giving a visual direction as to where specific departments are.

5S Shadow Boards For Tools

Shadow boards for tools are the best way to organize and account for your tools. You’ll be able to save time, create order, reduce replacement costs, keep track of each department’s tool inventory, and increase equipment life because every tool has a home. 

With the visual enhancement, your employees will know where each tool is located and see if anything is missing. Plus, they’ll be able to minimize any extra duplicate tools and control cross-contact with color-coded tools with a 5S Tool / Shadow Board.

Good organization and parts presentation makes finding what you need easy and fast. Eliminate time waste.

Create A Cleaning Station For Your Space

Mobile cleaning stations can be customized to your needs and moved where they’re needed or stored in a designated area. Stay organized and avoid leaning your cleaning equipment against your workstation or wall. Mobile Cleaning Stations have lots of options, they can have:

  • Solid panel(s) for a distinguished look.
  • House a refuse container.
  • Hold larger push brooms.
  • Keep a wide variety of cleaning supplies, cleaning solutions, brooms, dustpan, etc.