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Manufacturers Of Rapid Continuous Improvement Systems

Customized Workstations From Assembly To Pack-Out

Cart Solutions For Picking, Transport, And Assembly

Increase Production With Continuous Workflow Stations

Manufacturers Of Rapid Continuous Improvement Systems

Quickly & Affordably Adapt To Lean Challenges

Experience why so many industry leading manufacturers choose Flex Craft for their Rapid Continuous Improvement needs! Not only is the Flex Craft Direct Bolt Joint the strongest on the market, but is also the easiest to use. The versatility of the Patented Flex Craft System allows the end user to make modifications as needed without any special tools in just minutes.

Flex Craft workstation assembly examples.

Customized Solutions For Your Growing Business


With Flex Craft you can create a system of interchangeable parts, carts, storage, workstations, flow racks, and more for your facility making it a more productive, profitable, safe, and ergonomic workplace. The variety of applications for the Flex Craft system is endless. 

Save Time & Money

Using Flex Craft means you’re making an investment for the future. Having adjustable and modular equipment means you can pivot quickly whenever changes in the market happen and simply repair, adjust or rework your equipment or layouts whenever necessary.

Improve Safety & Productivity

Having solutions designed specifically for materials and employees leads to improved safety. With Flex Craft you can adjust the work surface height by simply stepping on the crossbar allowing the surface to be raised to a variety of positions which helps posture, eliminate fatigue, and reduce injury risks.

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