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Cart Solutions For Picking, Transport, And Assembly

Keep your processes flexible with Flex Craft’s concept of bolting carts and shelves together instead of welding. This makes all carts adjustable, customizable, and reconfigurable for any need. Create all types of carts from the simplest push carts to elaborate kitting, tugger, Mother-Daughter carts, and more.

Connected Flex Craft Tugger Carts

Tugger Picking Carts

Tugger Picking Carts are a form of a train system. This Tugger Picking Cart allows one employee to distribute assembly parts to various workstations in one trip saving the company labor.

Tall Connected Flex Craft Tugger Carts

Tugger Carts

Tugger Carts, or Train Carts, allow multiple parts carts to be connected for relocation. The Tugger Carts are excellent options for Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) systems.

Custom picnic table cart made with Flex Craft products.

Picking Carts

Assembly workstation that allows the user to readily access all tools and products necessary to complete the process.

An orange zero-turn Flex Craft Quad Cart.

Quad Steer / Zero Turn Carts

Quad Steer / Zero Turn Carts are an excellent addition for those tight areas. The reduced radius allows for the cart to turn in the smallest of areas. They work really well with Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) systems.

Flex Craft Bunk Cart

Bunk Carts

These Bunk Carts are great for production floors and hold up to 2,000 lbs of steel per cart 24/7. Strength is an understatement!

Flex Craft A-Frame Cantilever Cart

A-Frame / Cantilever Carts

A-Frame Carts are gaining traction on many assembly floors. Units can be utilized to store and transport products, hold parts during the assembly process, or hold and protect finished product. Easily add part protection to any existing cart, workstation or flow rack with white SNAP product protectors. 

Orange Flex Craft Utility Cart with white bins.

Mobile Utility Carts

This Mobile Utility Cart, with floor lock, allows the user to have all of the needed items within arms reach and mobile for resupplying work areas throughout the plant. Color code your carts to designate them to specific departments throughout your facility.

Flex Craft Sub Assembly Transfer Cart.

Sub Assembly Transfer Cart

Building a strong and robust cart for integral when moving around large assembled parts from station to station.

Making carts and workstations mobile is an excellent ergonomic option around the plant.

Carts For Product Assembly

Blue custom product supply cart made with Flex Craft products.

Product Supply Cart

Product Supply Carts are an asset to the assembly process. When larger parts are used in the assembly process, a transitional parts delivery process is needed when in a Lean environment.

Flex Craft Kitting Cart with multiple compartments.

Kitting Cart

A Kitting Cart is an opportunity that allows employees to gather the needed parts of a specific product for assembly, thus creating an all in a one step process and eliminating waste / muda.

Flex Craft TIP Back Cart

Tip Back Cart

Tip Back Carts have a variety of different uses. This cart is holding parts for the assembly process. This style allows for visual inventory control.

A custom fit pipe holder using Flex Craft products.

Poka-Yoke Cart

Mistake-proofing or Poka-Yoke is a work method that facilitates the detection and elimination of errors in production and logistics processes. With Poka-Yoke Carts you can create assembly mistake proof fixtures to help ensure a standard product is made, everytime.

Ergonomic – Designed for efficiency and comfort in the working environment.

Additional Cart Solutions

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