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What Else Can Be Made With Flex Craft Products?

The possibilities are limited only by your imagination. Our expertly crafted, customizable storage and shelving solutions redefine versatility, providing you with the freedom to design a workspace that truly reflects your unique needs and vision. From innovative startups to industry-leading enterprises, Flex Craft empowers you to dream big and achieve more, transforming your workspace into a dynamic and inspiring environment.

Flex Craft In The Office

Flex Crat Modular Desk

Modular Desks

Modular desks are becoming more and more popular. Add drawers for storage, keyboards, etc. An ergonomic lift can be added to any desk to provide options for your employees to sit or stand while at their desk.

Flex Craft Office Bubble - Social Distancing Cubes.

Bubble Point-Of-Use Offices

Mobile offices can be placed virtually anywhere on the shop floor. The photo shown above is a double office for the Operations Manager as well as Engineering.

Flex Craft Office Wall Partition between desks.

Office Wall Partition

In close quarters it is essential to add separation between team members. Add a few vertical upright tubes and a surface of choice to create a simple divider to help keep your team safe.

The innovation of modular. Build your Flex Craft solution with one simple tool…a half inch wrench!

Flex Craft On The Production Floor

Pneumatic Scissor Lift

Installing an air cylinder in a horizontal position, and with the assistance of skate wheels, a pneumatic scissors lift was created. We used bolts as a hinge on both external sides – all common fasteners.

Pneumatic Forklift

With the addition of an electric air cylinder, we were able to create a pneumatic forklift and put our idea into motion…literally. Great for light duty applications where bending and lifting can be eliminated.

Custom Flex Craft Welding Cell Partition

Weld Cell Protector Framing

Safety in today’s manufacturing environment is of utmost importance. Flex Craft’s versatile framing can be used to provide a safety barrier framework for a welding or cutting station. Using this sort of barrier framework aids in containing cutting fragments into one area.

A small platform stage made with Flex Craft products.

Meeting Platform

This custom platform was introduced on a production floor as a way to create separation and validating an area. Use a meeting platform like this one for on-the-floor meetings with employees or as a quick and easy stage setup.

Flex Craft Kickstand Workstation Cart with a Pegboard.

Manual Ergonomic Lift Workstation

Ergonomics in the workplace is gaining popularity among employers. With the ability to adjust the work surface height by simply stepping on the crossbar allows the surface to be raised allowing a variety of positions to help with posture and eliminate fatigue.

Cell separation made with Flex Craft steel tubing.

Work Cell Separation

Adding point-of-use walls in work cells can add an extra layer of protection when it comes to social distancing.

Custom Point-Of-Use Disposable Mask Station for personal protection equipment made with Flex Craft 1"x1" steel tubing.

Point-Of-Use PPE Station

Easily store and display specific personal protective equipment (PPE) items in designated areas for employees and visitors to use.

Flex Craft Cell Guards

Work Cell Guards

Point-of-use cell guards can be an effective way to direct personnel to specific areas and add distance between team members or visitors.

Custom hands-free drinking fountain device made with Flex Craft 1"x1" steel tubing.

Hands Free Devices

Leverage creativity as a way to help keep your team safe. Use Flex Craft products as a tool to create hands free devices, like this drinking fountain lever, throughout your workplace.

A point use Flex Craft Partition.

Point-Of-Use Partitions

Adding large walls can be a challenge for some organizations. Which is where a smaller Point of Use Partition comes into play. Simply add your surface/wall material of choice to a few vertical tubes with a base.

Flex Craft Staircase Walkover Platform

Conveyor Walkover Staircase

This custom staircase and standing platform was implemented to allow the operators to walk over the top of a long conveyor line. The structure reduced hundreds of steps made daily.

Looking at changing things up? Involve your team – this creates ownership and helps them be more accepting of change.

Flex Craft For Jobsite Organization

Flex Craft A-Frame Progress Board

A-Frame Work-In-Progress Board

The above A-Frame style white board is utilized as a Work-In-Progress (WIP) identifier. Making projects or reports visible increases communication between employees and management.

Flex Craft 5S Board - Paper Holder

Project Info / Job Board

Organize and highlight the day or weeks jobs that need to be completed. Color code based on department, team, or project. The added castors with brakes make the job board easy to move if needed.

Blue brooms and cleaning supplies on a Mobile Cleaning Station made Flex Craft steel tubing.

Mobile Cleaning Station

Mobile cleaning station that can be moved where it is needed or stored in a designated area. Avoid leaning your cleaning equipment against your workstation or wall.

Flex Craft Mobile Tool Pegboard

Mobile Tool Board

One of our partners created a Mobile Tool Board. Employees are able to organize the tools that are needed in their day-to-day function in the order in which they are used most frequently. In making it visual, there is a home for every component. This cuts down on misplaced or lost tools that can be expensive to replace.

A custom Flex Craft mobile uniform closet.

Uniform Holder

An organized, strong, and mobile setup that is a versatile storage solution that can be used in a variety of settings. Its durable construction and compact design make it an ideal choice for keeping employee uniforms and wearable safety equipment organized by size, function, etc. and keeping everything easily accessible.

Custom, mobile Personal Protection Equipment Supply And Storage Cart made with Flex Craft 1"x1" steel tubing and castors.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) & Supply Storage Cart

Creating a customized, mobile storage cart with shelving is quick and easy with Flex Craft tubing, casters, brackets, labels, and fasteners. This custom and organized solution grants easy access to personal protective equipment (PPE) & cleaning materials in an area that your team has easy access too.

Have some fun with builds and get creative. You never know what quick and easy solution you’ll come up with using Flex Craft.

Flex Craft In The Outdoors

A custom modular double canoe rack with Flex Craft products.

Vehicle Canoe Rack

Built by one of Flex Craft’s own employees, this travel storage system holds two canoes with room by the hitch for coolers, luggage, or other large necessities. This setup made a round trip from Houston, Minnesota to Crane Lake, Minnesota with ease. Over 15 hours of travel and 800 miles round-trip.