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Heavy Duty Flow Rack Solutions

Eliminate interference with tasks and maximize capacity with flow racks created with Flex Craft products. Utilize gravity and the wide range of Flex Craft products from tubing and brackets to rollers, ball transfers, wheels,  and more – to create the flow rack solution that works best for you. 

Heavy Duty Flow Rack, First-In First-Out system made with Flex Craft products.

First In, First Out Flow Rack

First In, First Out (FIFO) system for optimum product rotation. Specially designed rack for the storage of items which can be moved on the basis of first come first serve. Solid surfaces work well for high product mix flow through storage.

Supermarket Flow Rack made with Flex Craft products.

Supermarket Flow Rack

A Supermarket system allows for a large quantity of product or parts to be housed in one location where employees are able to collect needed items in one centralized location. With gravity flow, this FIFO system continually replenishes and stocks.

Parts Flow Rack made with Flex Craft products.

Parts Flow Rack

Easily sort and replenish parts on a Parts Flow Rack. Full replacement bins are directly behind the bin that is being used. When that bin is empty, it is removed and replaced with a fully stocked bin. Label holders are on both the front and back of the flow rack for organization purposes.

Heavy Duty Parts Flow Rack made with Flex Craft products.

Heavy Duty Parts Flow Rack

The shelves for storage are designed to fasten in decline position with the help of conveyors so that the objects stored in the totes or boxes automatically roll down whenever an item is picked from the shelves. The rolling design will facilitate the flow of items from back to front whenever an item is picked.

Box and Bin Flow Rack made with Flex Craft products.

Box & Bin Flow Rack

Flow racks are designed to move product or parts with gravity. Depending on the weight and size of the item that is being conveyed, a variety of different conveying applications can be used – Micro Wheel, Snap, Bolt Through Conveyors, Slide, Skate Wheels, etc.

Wide, purple, Flow Racks made with Flex Craft products.

Wide Flow Rack

For wider product that needs to be conveyed into position, utilize a larger width flow rack. The angled supports can be housed with our Slide conveyor that reduces friction using less flow.

Incorporate gravity fed conveyors to keep parts / product in reach for continuous flow.

Micro Wheel Flow Rack Solutions

Micro Wheel First In / First Out (FIFO) Flow Rack made with Flex Craft products.

Micro Wheel First In / First Out (FIFO) Flow Rack

Flow Racks utilizing Micro Wheels allow the user to adjust the width between sections on-the-fly based on need.

Micro Wheel Flow Rack made with Flex Craft products.

Micro Wheel Flow Rack

The versatility of Micro Wheel conveyor rails allows conveyors to be customized and changed in an instant by simply moving the Micro Wheel strip into the desired position to accommodate the width of the product to be conveyed.

Customize and complete your assembly area by using Flex Craft.

Additional Flow Rack Solutions

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