Social Distancing Support & Products

Social Distancing Support Examples

Social Distancing Support Partition

Office Wall Partition

In close quarters it is essential to add separation between team members. Add a few vertical upright tubes and a surface of choice to create a simple divider to help keep your team safe. 

Social Distancing Work Cell Partition

Cell Separation

Adding point of use walls in work cells can add an extra layer of protection when it comes to Social Distancing.

Social Distancing Support Partition Barrier

Point of use Partitions

Adding large walls can be a challenge for some organizations. Which is where a smaller Point of Use Partition comes into play. Simply add your surface/wall material of choice to a few vertical tubes with a base.

Social Distancing Cleaning Cart

Mobile Cleaning Station

Having a clean work area is likely on everybodies minds in todays working environments. By implementing Mobile Cleaning Stations & Carts you can quickly and easily take your cart full of cleaning products to the manufacturing floor for a quick cleaning.

Cell Guards Walkway Seperation

Cell Guards

Point of use cell guards can be an effective way to direct personnel to specific areas and add distance between team members or visitors.

Temperature Check Curtain

Temperature Check Wall

A simple stand with a clear surface or curtain can make temperature checking simple, easy, and effective when screening employees or on site visitors.

Social Distancing Support Hands Free Devices

Hands Free Devices

Its now more important than ever to leverage creativity as a way to help keep your team safe. Use Flex Craft as a tool to create hands free devices.

PPE Personal Protective Equipment Storage

PPE & Supply Storage

Create easy access to PPE & Cleaning materials in an area that your team has access too.

Point of use Screen


This is a simple design to showcase how easy it is to create barriers, screens, partitions, walls, etc.
Just add a curtain or transparent surface and your ready to implement this solution in just a matter of minutes!

Social Distancing Support Partition

Point of Use PPE

Storing specific PPE items in designated areas.

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Social Distancing Support Partition


Social Distancing Support Partition

Universal Footer

Social Distancing Support Partition

Point of Use Tool Hooks

Social Distancing Support Partition

Point of Use Tool Holders

Social Distancing Support Partition

Cup / Bottle Holder

Social Distancing Support Partition

Spool Holders