Modular Office

Bubble P.O.U. Offices

Mobile offices can be placed virtually anywhere on the shop floor. The photo shown above is a double office for the Operations Manager as well as Engineering. 

Office Desk


Modular Desks are becoming more and more popular. Add drawers for storage, keyboards, etc. Add an ergonomic lift to any desk to provide options for your employees to sit or stand at their desk. 

Scissor Lift Cart

Pneumatic Scissor Lift

Installing an air cylinder in a horizontal position, and with the assistance of skate wheels, a pneumatic scissors lift was created. Using bolts as a hinge on both external sides. All common fasteners. 

Light Duty Lifting Cart

Pneumatic Forklift 

With the addition of an electric air cylinder, we were able to put our idea into motion...literally. For light duty applications where bending and lifting can be eliminated. 

Movable Cleaning Station

Mobile Cleaning Station

Mobile cleaning station that can be moved where it is needed or stored in a designated area. Avoid leaning your cleaning equipment against your workstation or wall.

Manual Ergonomic Lift Workstation

Ergonomics in the workplace is gaining popularity among employers. With the ability to adjust the work surface height by simply stepping on the crossbar allows the surface to raised allowing a variety of positions to help with posture and eliminate fatigue.   

Tool Storage Shadow Board

Mobile Tool Board

This partner created a Mobile Tool Board. Employees are able to organize the the tools that are needed in their day-to-day function in the order in which they are used most frequently. In making it visual, there is a home for every component. This cuts down on misplaced or lost tools that can be expensive to replace.   

A-Frame WIP Board

The above A-Frame style white board is utilized as as a Work In Progress identifier. Making project or reports visible increases communication between employees and management.  

Uniform Holder

Strong, organized and mobile. Whether its employee uniforms or safety wearable equipment, organization by size, function, etc is a breeze.

Weld Cell Framing

Weld Cell Protector Framing

Safety in today's manufacturing environment is of upmost importance. Pictured, Flex Craft Framing was used to provide a safety barrier framework for a cutting station. Using this sort of barrier framework aids in containing fragments into one area. 

Job Board

Organize and Highlight the day or weeks jobs that need to be completed. Color code based on department.

Rickshaw Cart

This Rickshaw Cart is an excellent way to relocate product or parts from one area to another. With it's Micro Wheel surface, no heavy lifting needed.


Meeting Platform

This platform was introduced as a way to create separation validating an area.  Use a meeting platform for on the floor meetings or a stage. 

Vehicle Canoe Rack

Built by Flex Crafts own, this storage system made a round trip  from Houston MN to Crane Lake MN. Over 15 hours of travel and 800 miles traveled.

Conveyor Crossover Walkway

Conveyor Walkover Staircase

This Staircase was implemented to allow the operators to walk over the top of a long conveyor line. The structure reduced  hundreds of  steps made daily.