Kit vs. Pre-assembled

If you’re new to Material Handling, you may find yourself caught up in a whirlwind of new information being thrown at you by those who have been in the industry for years, trade magazines, or even upper management, all trying to “sell” you on the idea on what they think you need to achieve your goal(s).

Have you ever had the idea to build your own design or solution rather than settle for a one specific item? Settling for a single option solutions is not always the answer for one very important reason: Your needs will change based on your environment, and so no single specific item will be as uniquely tailored to your needs as one that you’ve taken the time to construct yourself.

For example, say you are in need of a workstation. If purchase a specific workstation and simply use it right out of the box, it’s probably going to have items that are never going to needed, yet not enough of what you really do need to achieve your goal.

In order to demonstrate this concept, I’m going to use the Flex Craft Kaizen Kit as an example. This Kaizen Kit contains 15 different length tubes ranging from 6” to 84”, a variety of different accessories and casters along with a plethora of fasteners to use at your discretion to build the workstation that you envision. But, during the process…how often have you, or your team, been in the middle of constructing an idea and during the build, come up with a better solution to your problem? You would like to have the work surface to be able to be adjusted to various heights, thus assisting with the ergonomic well-being of your employees. Creative thinking inspires ideas!


Ask yourself these questions: Am I able to modify during the build or do you have to start all over? Do I have the needed parts to make the improvement? Do I have the tools to continue? Does this really save money? Etc. The questions can go on and on. A Flex Craft Kit not only allows you to make changes during the building process, it also provides the ability to re-purpose the material once your project is complete or no longer needed as your old workstation can become a cart with a few turns of a wrench. Save time and money by simply re-purposing the workstation into the desired cart or even carts! This can be completed in significantly less time than ordering a cart and waiting for it to arrive all while saving money for your organization.

Still don’t know if a Kit is the right choice during your Lean journey? Another added benefit of modular is employee empowerment. You’re able to build a workstation that you think will be the perfect fit for your employees…but is it? With the Flex Craft product line, it allows your employees to use their creativity to make needed changes that will assist them in becoming more efficient in their daily duties as well as promote a safer work environment.

Learn more about the various Flex Craft Kits available by visiting our website at and let Flex Craft assist you on your Lean journey!