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Workstations, Carts, Flow Racks, Storage & so much more!
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Workstations are in every manufacturing environment yet they can vary in size as well as function. Add conveyors to incorporate product flow or a shadow board to house tools.


From the simplest push carts to elaborate of kitting, tugger, and Mother Daughter Carts.

Flow Racks

Flow Racks and First In First Out applications. Use to convey totes, boxes, parts, and more.

Storage / Shelving

Part storage, product storage, equipment storage, etc.  Maximize your space with a custom right sizes storage rack.

Assembly Lines / Work Cells

In manufacturing environments, assembly cells & lines are common place. Customize your lines with Flex Craft to help increase productivity and avoid ergonomic strains. 

5S & Tool Shadow boards, Cleaning Station

Information 5S boards and cleaning stations are an excellent way to allow a compact, yet useful, design to be implemented anywhere. Mobility allows the unit be be where it needs to be when needed at the Point of Use. 


Here at Flex Craft, we have compiled a number of different videos for both clients and marketing purposes.  If you have a request for a video or a video you would like to share with us, we'd be happy to accommodate! 


Looking for unique ideas that have been completed in the field?  Look no further.  Various examples of projects that have been accomplished by some of our customers with Flex Craft!