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Workstation Examples

Workstation with 5S Shadow Board

This stationary workstation allows the user to have all the of needed tools within arms reach. 5S Shadow Board visually identifies where each tool is to be placed when not in use.

Multi Monitor Computer Workstation

This computer workstation is on the production floor where all of the action takes place.  All elements are at the ready from entry to printing saving time while eliminating waste.

Assembly Workstation

Assembly workstation that allows the user to readily access all tool and products necessary to complete the process.

Packaging Workstation with Overhead Crane

Innovative ideas are created by the end user. This Team was concerned with finished product weights and employee safety. This is where the idea was generated to create a workstation with an overhead wench / crane lift that is used to assist the packaging of their finished product into their shipping container. Notice the use of ergonomic lift legs on this workstation.

Wiring Harness Workstation

A Wiring Harness Workstation has all of the elements needed to complete the process are at arms reach.  This innovative design allows the various wires needed for the process to be within reach.  Color coded and in the order in which they are used.

Pack-out Workstation

Eliminate wasteful steps by having everything where it belongs.  This pack-out workstation includes labeling, bagging, containers, etc. 

Computer Workstation

Avoid unneeded steps by utilizing individual computer workstations throughout your production floor.  Networked together allows access from various points.

Cantilever Computer Workstation

During the process, save space by have your needed computer resting on a Cantilever Workstation located where needed. 

Kickstand - Ergonomic Lift Workstation

Ergonomics in the workplace has been gaining popularity among employers and manufacturers. With the ability to adjust the work surface height by simply stepping on the crossbar allows the surface to raised allowing a variety of positions to help with posture, eliminate fatigue, and reduce injury risks.