Employment Opportunities

Job Title: Production Operator

Department: Production

Reports to: Production Supervisor

Essential Functions 
         •  Perform the various duties and functions of the production floor which include(s):
         •  Packing and accessories
         •  Punching steel
         •  Painting product
         •  Welding and fabricating 

Non-Essential Functions 
         •  Assist in cleaning the production floor and break areas
         •  Assist in other non-essential areas as assigned 

         •  Prior knowledge and skills working with industrial manufacturing equipment
         •  Conscientious of all safety matters and concerns
         •  Excellent hand eye coordination
         •  Basic mathematical knowledge
         •  Diligent and hardworking
Working Conditions 
         •  As a production worker the majority of working hours will be spent standing and working with various equipment which requires the use of                  personal protective equipment. 

Prior Working Experience 
         •  Prior experience in a manufacturing or industrial field preferred as well as experience working with welding, fabricating, and assembly.
              Willing to train the right individual. 

         •  High School Diploma or GED Required. 

Job Title:  Entry Level Sales Associate

Department: Sales

Reports to: Sales Manager

Essential Functions
         •  Answer and document all inbound and outbound calls
         •  Enter orders in accordingly
         •  Assist in maintaining and updating all order entries
         •  Perform proper and necessary estimations for all customer queries
         •  Assist customers with project designs and product training
         •  Assist sales team with sending out sales materials to our current or prospect customers
         •  Assist the sales manager with various tasks as needed

Non-Essential Functions
         •  Assist the sales team with demonstrations and appointments as needed
         •  On occasion, assist the sales team in trade shows, demonstrations, and appointments as needed – Please note travel may be required
         •  Assist with marketing in developing new creative approaches, and providing beneficial feedback

         •  Customer Service – Able to perform all various aspects efficiently and effectively
         •  Answer and document all calls
         •  Meet and greet potential and current clientele
         •  Present a polite and professional demeanor
         •  Handle stressful situations appropriately as they occur
         •  Organization – Able to organize proper documentation in a timely and orderly fashion
         •  Basic mathematical knowledge
         •  The knowledge, skill, and ability to operate Microsoft Office systems
         •  Knowledge of the IT world is a plus

Working Conditions
         •The sales associate will spend the majority of the work day in the office assisting with all sales functions.
         •Some travel required.

Prior Working Experience
         •  Prior experience working in a sales position is a plus.

         •  Associates Degree or higher required.

         •  Competitive Salary and sales bonuses available