Employment Opportunities

Job Title: Production Operator

Department: Production

Reports to: Production Supervisor

Essential Functions

  • Perform the various duties and functions of the production floor which include(s): 
  • Packing and accessories 
  • Punching steel 
  • Painting product 
  • Welding and fabricating 
Non-Essential Functions
  • Assist in cleaning the production floor and break areas 
  • Assist in other non-essential areas as assigned 
  • Prior knowledge and skills working with industrial manufacturing equipment 
  • Conscientious of all safety matters and concerns 
  • Excellent hand eye coordination 
  • Basic mathematical knowledge 
  • Diligent and hardworking 
Working Conditions
  • As a production worker the majority of working hours will be spent standing and working with various equipment which requires the use of personal protective equipment. 
Prior Working Experience
  • Prior experience in a manufacturing or industrial field preferred as well as experience working with welding, fabricating, and assembly. Willing to train the right individual. 
  • High School Diploma or GED Required. 


Job Title: Industrial Technician

Production Reports to: Production Manager

Essential Functions

  • Assist the Production Manager in planning work flow 
  • Conduct various data research regarding products for cost analysis and evaluation of product quality and dependability  
  • Analyze all operating procedures for accuracy and repairs 
  • Order and purchase equipment based on current company needs 
  • Develop logs and spreadsheets 
  • Studies specifications such as blueprints, sketches, models, or descriptions, and visualizes product to determine materials required and               machines to be used to fabricate parts.   
  • Computes dimensions, plans layout, and determines assembly method and sequence of operations.   
  • Measures, marks, and scribes metal stock for machining.   
  • Sets up and operates machine tools such as lathes, milling machine, and grinder, to machine parts, and verifies conformance of machined
           parts to specifications.   
  • Verifies dimensions, alignments, and clearances.   
  • Examines standard or previously used dies, tools, and jigs and fixtures, and recommends design modifications regarding construction and           function of part.   
  • Develops specifications from general descriptions for specialty tools and draws or sketches design of product. 
Non-Essential Functions
  • Assist with customer service as needed 
  • Assist with company production by operating equipment systems as needed 
  • Production/Processing – Quality and cost control 
  • Physics – Prediction of physical principles for understanding various mechanical and electrical processes 
  • Systems Analysis and Evaluation – Identifying needs of improvement and environmental changes 
  • Maintenance – Knowledge of routine equipment repairs such as hydraulics, pneumatics, logic control panels (PLC’s) 
  • Equipment – Prior knowledge and operating skills concerning welding, fabricating, cutting, powder coating, HVAC systems, etc. 
  • The knowledge, skill, and ability to operate Microsoft Office and CAD systems 
  • Knowledge of algebraic equations 
Working Conditions
The industrial technician will spend the majority of the work day on the production floor assisting with all operating systems and equipment.
Prior Working Experience
Prior experience working in an industrial type setting preferred. 

Technical and/or Associates degree in related field and at least five years of industrial field experience required.