Best Practice Examples

Examples of Best Practices in the field that are in other facilities
that can assist you and your Team in their Lean Journey

Kitting Cart
Work Stations
Mobile Kitting Carts Modular Shelving
5S Boards White Boards
A Frame Panel Storage Carts
A Frame Wire Harness Testing Cart
Cantilvered Storage Cart
Cantilever Work Station
A Frame Horizontal Parts Rack
Broom Cart
Conveyor Line
Heavy Duty Flow Rack Shelving
Custom Cart
Vertical Divider Storage Rack
Heavy Duty Packaging Work Station
Customizable Kitting Carts
Garment Racks
Mobile Testing Fixtures
Kan Ban Kanban Storage Rack
Storage Cart
Parts Testing Harness Workstation Table
Tip Back Vertical Storage Long Parts Cart
Mobile Tool Tote Cart Storage
Mobile Tool Tote Cart Storage
Visual Inventory Parts Storage Rack
Ergonomic Wire Harness Work Station